North Hills Spring Open NCL2/STAL3

Amber Fuller continued her great form this past weekend into the North Hills Spring Open NCL2/STAL3 by sweeping both girls 18s singles & doubles title. Peyton Gatti also dominating the boys 16s and taking the singles & doubles title. Unseeded Emmy Brandow having some great wins to take the girls 16s singles title. Boyeni Keenan & Brianna Baldi showed why they were the 1 seeds with Boyeni winning the boys 14s singles title & Brianna winning the girls 12s singles. Ada Grace having a great run also and reaching the girls 12s singles final.

Very proud of all our players showing that their hard work & dedication to improving their games is starting to show and payoff. Everyone of them deserves success for all the effort they put in. A special thanks to everyone involved with the GTP program and for all that they do. Our kids would not be having the success & the opportunities without each of their contributions. All of them serve as great role models for our players. Keep up the good work.

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