HondaJet Spring State Closed NCL1

Congrats to all our GTP players that competed in their tournaments last weekend. GTP hosted the HondaJet Spring State Closed NCL1. In the girls 12s Brianna Baldi was runner up in singles. She teamed up with fellow GTP player Reagan Harris to take the girls 12s doubles championship. In girls 14s Sydnie placed 3rd in singles. Which moved her to 3 in the state. GTP can now proudly boast that it holds the top 3 ranking spots in the girls 14s along with Sophia Strugnell & Emmy Brandow. Playing up in girls 16s Sophia Strugnell was singles finalist & doubles champion. In he girls 18s it was an a strong performance with an GTP final with 14 year old Amber Fuller victorious over Carolyn Ansari. The 2 of them paired up in doubles & crowned champions against fellow GTP compatriot Emmy Brandow which meant out of the 6 spots in the finals 5 of them were held by GTP players.


On the boys side Boyeni Keenan swept the boys 14s singles & doubles title without dropping a set. Drew Broadstreet coming back to form & taking the boys 16s title also without dropping a set. Future Wolfpack player Collin Shick competed in National L3 lost in the semis of singles but was able to take the doubles title. Also playing National L3 were the Delgado brothers. James Delgado was semi finalist in singles & due to weather was unable to play out for the doubles title. Andrew Delgado was GTP standout performer of the weekend with an impressive showing in taking the boys 12s title without dropping more than 4 games a match along the way. Unfortunately weather prevented him from sweeping the doubles title too.

Again congratulations to all the GTP players that continue to grow in this tough sport. This weekend many of the players showed their ability to consistently maintain a high level of competitiveness which is not easy to do with so many other great players out there working hard towards the similar goals & dreams. With tournament season in full swing I wish all our players continued success. As always this would never happen without the hard working, loyal, and tremendous team GTP possess. Good luck!

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