24 Players from GTP compete in the Southern Winter Level 1 Championships

The first Southern tournament of the New Year has concluded. With 24 players participating from our program there was a lot of action going on over the 4-day event.

The highlight of the tournament was from 15 year old Amber Fuller. Amber Fuller playing in Girl’s 16’s won 6 matches earning second place. Amber fought hard and left it all on the court, with impressive wins in the quarterfinals and semis.  In her Final’s match against the #1 seed she fell just short losing in three sets 5-7 6-1 7-5.

In the Girl’s 12’s division 12-year old Brianna Baldi the #5 seed won her first three matches which included beating the #9 seed before being defeating by the #1 seed from Gastonia, NC in the quarterfinals. Competing in Boy’s 12’s was 10 year old Van Harris who won his first match and then lost to the #9 seed in the following round 6-3 6-3.

Boy’s 14’s Andrew Delgado (12) who was the #9 seed won his first match before unfortunately having to retire in his next match to the #17 seed due to injury. Warren McWhorter (14) and Evan Wong (14) each won two main draw matches to then lose in the round of 32.  13-year old Reagan Harris playing in Girl’s 14’s had three strong wins before losing to the #4 seed in the round of 16.

Into the Girl’s 16’s division we go as Sophie Strugnell (15) one of the 9 seeds had a good run in the main draw and made it to the quarterfinals of the back draw. Sophie won 3 main draw matches and 1 back draw match and then went on to lose to another 9 seed.  Elizabeth Weidl (15) who was unseeded had a strong tournament beating a 9 and 17 seed and winning 3 main draw matches before losing to the #4 seed in the round of 16.  Emmy Brandow (15) won 2 total matches, one main and one back draw match.

The highlight of Boy’s 16’s was 14-year old Braden Shick who made it to the quarterfinals and lost to the #1 seed 6-4 6-1. Braden Shick then went on to win two more matches in the back draw of the four quarterfinalist losers and finished in 5th place. James Delgado (14) made it to the round of 16 and also lost to the #1 seed. Other players winning matches were Garrett Grewal (16), Peyton Gatti (15) and Drew Broadstreet (15), and Herny Piynan (16)

Down in Hilton Head 17 year old Carolyn Ansari had a good tournament in 18’s making it to the quarterfinals of the back draw, taking down some seeds on the way.

With a second and fifth place finish, GTP players had some awesome results. The players and coaches are looking forward to getting right back to work to be prepared for the next Southern event.

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