Andrea Chacon wins Back-to-Back Tournaments and 37 GTP Players Compete over the weekend!

We have a lot to cover as 37 players were in action over the weekend. We start in Raleigh with some of the top performers in the Southern L1A.  The Southern L1A had most of the strongest players in the southern region leaving it all out on the court.


Braden Shick and Boyneni Keenan performed well over the course of 4 days in the Boy’s 16’s division. Boyneni made the semi finals and ended up coming in 4thplace.  Boyneni won 4 matches before fallen in the semis and 3rd/4th place match up. Boyneni (14) hadn’t played a tournament in a few months and was impressive in his return. Braden Shick (14) one of the five seeds finished in 5th place.  Braden Shick also won the doubles title in Boy’s 16’s. Braden and his teammate James Delgado (14) beat Peyton Gatti (15) and his partner in the finals 6-4. James Delgado picked up two good wins in the singles division to go along with his doubles title. Jaedan Patterson also picked up two wins in the consolation draw.

In the Girl’s 16’s division Sophie Strugnell won 5 total singles matches to earn fifth place in the tournament. Sophie fought back in her last match after losing the first set and went on to win the second set 7-5 and win the third set tiebreak to capture the win.

In Girl’s 18’s Carolyn Ansari won 4 total matches and made it to the quarterfinals of the consolation draw.

Other players that earned wins in the 16’s and 18’s were Amber Fuller, Peyton Gatti,

In Boy’s 14’s Andrew Delgado won one match and Brianna Baldi won one match before having to pull out with an injury.

In Chapel Hill NC State L2 and Sothern L3 GTP had its only champion of the weekend Andrea Chacon (11) who won four matches over the weekend.  Andrea really shown great professionalism and has won the last two tournaments she has played in. Anjali Tatini (11) also had a great tournament winning consolation finalist as she went on and won three straight matches to finish out her tournament. Other GTP Players who earned wins were Amelie Gonzalez (11) and Victoria Mann (10) who beat the #3 seed in her first match.

In the Boy’s and Girl’s 10’s division Seth Christian (8) worked hard to get two wins and Sophie Strugnell (8) grinded out a win in a third set tiebreak.  This was Sophie’s first 10 and under full court green ball tournament and got off to a good start with a win.

The last tournament of the weekend was at Barber Park (State L5).  In Girl’s 12’s Alyese Boykins (8) won two matches in the consolation to earn consolation finalist.

Patrick Porcnja won a match in the Boy’s 12’s division.

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