GTP Produces 4 Champions in the NCL1 HondaJet Spring State Closed Championship

Over the weekend GTP had 10 semifinalists, 6 finalists and 4 champions in the State Closed! 4 Players earning 1st place, 3 earning 2nd place and 3 earning 3rd place. Monday morning, Brianna Baldi (14’s), Andrew Delgado (14’s), James Delgado (16’s) and Boyeni Kennan (18’s) became state champions by winning five straight matches in their age group. Rishi Halukurike (14’s), Emmy Brandow (16’s), and Peyton Gatti (16’s) all earned second place and had four wins to make it to the finals. Finishing in 3rd place in their age divisions was Andrea Chacon (12’s), Eliabeth Weidl (16’s) and Brinley Bell (18’s).


In girls 10’s Gabriella Slovak and Sarah Delgado won two matches making it to the quarterfinals, both losing 3rd set tiebreaks in their quarterfinal matches. Also losing in the quarterfinals was Kendrick lash in Boy’s 14’s, and Reagan Harris in Girl’s 14’s. Reagan beat the #1 seed in the round of 16 and lost a tough match in a 3rd set breaker in her following match.


Doubles Champions: Noah Hahn, Warren McWhorter, Peyton Gatti, James Delgado, Emmy Brandow, Elizabeth Weidl.

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