GTP Junior Progression

 Team Blue: (5-11 years old)

Tuesday night’s at SPENCER LOVE on Stadium Court from 6-7 pm

Advancement to Team Red on coach recommendation


Team Red: (5-11 years old)

Private lessons with junior pros any weekday! Click here to book online!

Advancement to Team Orange based on passing skills test


Team Orange: (5-10 years old)

4:30-6 practice Monday-Thursday @ Lawndale

Begin Private lessons with Kyle or Zach at this point

Advancement to Team Green consist of having a state ranking


Team Green/Yellow: (7-12 years old)

4-6 practice Monday-Thursday @ Lawndale

Required to play 1 USTA tournament per month and weekly private lessons are expected


Team Elite: 

4:00 - 6:30 PM practice at Spencer Love or GTP full-time academy