8 GTP Players Compete in Raleigh NCL2/STAL3

It was a rainy weekend at the Raleigh North Carolina Level 2, with Saturday being a full wash out. On Sunday they played only up to the semi finals and scoring was changed to short sets with no ad scoring. The four top performers from the weekend were Emmy Brandow, Boyeni Keenan, Andrea Chacon and Anjali Tatini.


In Boy’s 16’s Boyneni the #1 seed in his Bracket, won the two matches he played in. In Girls 16’s Emmy Brandow received a default in her first match and then went on to win two more matches making it into the semifinals. Emmy beat the #3 seed in her quarterfinal match.  In Girl’s 12’s Andrea Chacon won two matches and beat the #2 seed in a third set breaker in her second match. Andrea Chacon also made the finals of doubles, losing 7-5 .Also in Girl’s 12’s Angali Tatini made the semifinals, playing two good matches on Sunday.


Other players who recorded wins were over the weekend were Brad Henley, and Harrison Gwynn, both players competing in Boy’s 16’s.


GTP Produces 4 Champions in the NCL1 HondaJet Spring State Closed Championship

Over the weekend GTP had 10 semifinalists, 6 finalists and 4 champions in the State Closed! 4 Players earning 1st place, 3 earning 2nd place and 3 earning 3rd place. Monday morning, Brianna Baldi (14’s), Andrew Delgado (14’s), James Delgado (16’s) and Boyeni Kennan (18’s) became state champions by winning five straight matches in their age group. Rishi Halukurike (14’s), Emmy Brandow (16’s), and Peyton Gatti (16’s) all earned second place and had four wins to make it to the finals. Finishing in 3rd place in their age divisions was Andrea Chacon (12’s), Eliabeth Weidl (16’s) and Brinley Bell (18’s).


In girls 10’s Gabriella Slovak and Sarah Delgado won two matches making it to the quarterfinals, both losing 3rd set tiebreaks in their quarterfinal matches. Also losing in the quarterfinals was Kendrick lash in Boy’s 14’s, and Reagan Harris in Girl’s 14’s. Reagan beat the #1 seed in the round of 16 and lost a tough match in a 3rd set breaker in her following match.


Doubles Champions: Noah Hahn, Warren McWhorter, Peyton Gatti, James Delgado, Emmy Brandow, Elizabeth Weidl.


Andrea Chacon wins Back-to-Back Tournaments and 37 GTP Players Compete over the weekend!

We have a lot to cover as 37 players were in action over the weekend. We start in Raleigh with some of the top performers in the Southern L1A.  The Southern L1A had most of the strongest players in the southern region leaving it all out on the court.


Braden Shick and Boyneni Keenan performed well over the course of 4 days in the Boy’s 16’s division. Boyneni made the semi finals and ended up coming in 4thplace.  Boyneni won 4 matches before fallen in the semis and 3rd/4th place match up. Boyneni (14) hadn’t played a tournament in a few months and was impressive in his return. Braden Shick (14) one of the five seeds finished in 5th place.  Braden Shick also won the doubles title in Boy’s 16’s. Braden and his teammate James Delgado (14) beat Peyton Gatti (15) and his partner in the finals 6-4. James Delgado picked up two good wins in the singles division to go along with his doubles title. Jaedan Patterson also picked up two wins in the consolation draw.

In the Girl’s 16’s division Sophie Strugnell won 5 total singles matches to earn fifth place in the tournament. Sophie fought back in her last match after losing the first set and went on to win the second set 7-5 and win the third set tiebreak to capture the win.

In Girl’s 18’s Carolyn Ansari won 4 total matches and made it to the quarterfinals of the consolation draw.

Other players that earned wins in the 16’s and 18’s were Amber Fuller, Peyton Gatti,

In Boy’s 14’s Andrew Delgado won one match and Brianna Baldi won one match before having to pull out with an injury.

In Chapel Hill NC State L2 and Sothern L3 GTP had its only champion of the weekend Andrea Chacon (11) who won four matches over the weekend.  Andrea really shown great professionalism and has won the last two tournaments she has played in. Anjali Tatini (11) also had a great tournament winning consolation finalist as she went on and won three straight matches to finish out her tournament. Other GTP Players who earned wins were Amelie Gonzalez (11) and Victoria Mann (10) who beat the #3 seed in her first match.

In the Boy’s and Girl’s 10’s division Seth Christian (8) worked hard to get two wins and Sophie Strugnell (8) grinded out a win in a third set tiebreak.  This was Sophie’s first 10 and under full court green ball tournament and got off to a good start with a win.

The last tournament of the weekend was at Barber Park (State L5).  In Girl’s 12’s Alyese Boykins (8) won two matches in the consolation to earn consolation finalist.

Patrick Porcnja won a match in the Boy’s 12’s division.

L5 Photo

Sarah Delgado, Andrea Chacon, and Brad Henley take 1st place over the weekend!

In Charlotte GTP had 5 players competing in the Charlotte Level 3. Players had to deal with tough conditions as the wind had gusts of up to 20mph throughout the day on Saturday. In Boy’s 16’s Brad Henley won the division breezing through all of his matches. Brad was the #1 seed and won three total matches over the weekend.

l5 picture 2In Girl’s 12’s GTP had two standout performances. Andrea Chacon was the champion of this division, winning 4 total matches and not dropping a set throughout the tournament. Her teammate Amelie Gonzalez had a very strong tournament as well. Amelie made it to the finals of the consolation, winning three matches. Her only loss came to Andrea Chacon in the quarterfinals. Amelie won two 10-point tiebreaks in the 3rd in her last two matches showing great mental toughness.

Back at the Greensboro Level 5 we had an all GTP semifinals in the Girl’s 12’s division. Finishing in first place was Sarah Delgado who beat Gabriella Slovak (2nd place) in the finals 6-1 6-4. In the 3rd/4th place match up Johari Gorham beat Sophie Wilkerson 6-1 6-2 to earn 3rd place. We are very proud of all 4 girls representing GTP well over the weekend.

In the Boy’s 12’s Seth Christian earned 3rd. Seth coasted through his first two matches and then lost in the semifinals 6-0 4-6 (8).

Other players who earned a win in the L5 were Lyndsay Lambis and Patrick Pocrnja.


GTP has 16 Players at the Icy Hot Southern Level 2

Starting off down in Macon, Georgia the site of Boy’s and Girl’s 12’s and 14’s. The two highlights of Macon Georgia came from Rishi Halukurike and Van Harris. Rishi and Van each played 7 total matches in Macon, six singles and 1 doubles. Van Harris competed in Boy’s 12’s and celebrated his 11th Birthday this past week. He won 4 total matches, one in the main draw and three in the consolation. He lost a tough match in the consolation semifinals 7-5 7-6, capping off a great tournament for him. Rishi competing in Boy’s 14’s made it to the final of the consolation draw winning 5 singles matches. 14-year old Rishi went 5-1 in singles. His only loss was to the #5 seed in a tough 2 set match 7-5 7-6. Both boys showed a lot of grit and determination throughout the long weekend.

Other Results: Angali Tatini (11) won one match in the Girl’s 12’s.

In Rome Georgia BG 16’s and 18’s were taking place. Peyton Gatti and Emmy Brandow both had a very good tournament. In Boy’s 16’s Peyton Gatti (15) won 5 singles matches finishing in third place. Peyton won some tough matches on route to taking home an impressive third place finish. In Girl’s 16’s Emmy Brawndow (15) lost her first match, but then went on to win 5 straight matches and make the consolation Finals. Winning 5 matches in a row is tough at any level, especially when you have to adjust from playing full sets to short sets.

Other Results: Harrison (15) won 2 matches, beating the #9 seed in one of those.


24 Players Compete over the weekend in Chattanooga Southern L1 and Greensboro Doubles L3

Out in Chattanooga 10 GTP players were competing in the Southern L1A.  Chattanooga was the site for Boy’s and girl’s 16’s and 18’s with top players from all over the southern region. With very cold temperatures and a lot of rain, the player’s mental toughness and patience was tested all weekend long. A few standouts from the tournament were Drew Broadstreet (15), Sophie Strugnell (15) , and Amanda Nowak.

In girls 16’s Sophie Strugnell made it to the round of 16 in the main draw and then went on to win two matches in the back draw. She had a very strong doubles tournament as well. Sophie and her partner from Kentucky won the Girl’s 16’s! Sophie had a busy tournament playing 11 total matches over the span of 4 days.

In Boy’s 16’s Drew Broadstreet made it to the finals and lost a tight match in three sets to the number 4 seed from Arkansas. Drew won four singles matches on his path to the finals and earned second place in singles. Peyton Gatti made it to the round of 16 and lost a tough third set tiebreak.  Peyton Gatti won three singles matches and two doubles.

Amanda Nowak in Girls 18’s won two total singles matches, both in the main draw. The highlight of her tournament was in the round of 32 taking down the #5 seed of the tournament from Georgia 6-1 7-6.  Carolyn Ansari playing in Girl’s 18’s who won two main draw singles matches and 1 consolation match in the Girl’s 18’s.

Back home in the NC Level 3 doubles Amelie Gonzalez (11) and Andrea Chacon (11) won the Girl’s 12’s doubles, only dropping 8 total games in three matches.  In Girl’s 10,s Aubrey Effler (10) and Gabriella Slovak (8) made it to the finals and lost to the 1 seeds 5-3 4-0, earning second place.  In Boy’s 16’s Harrison Gwynn (15) and Brad Henley (16) finished in second place, losing a tough finals match.

Other results from this doubles tournament were Seth Christian (8) and Patrick Porcnja (9) finishing in 3rd place in Boy’s 10’s.


Drew Broadstreet & James Delgado Shine in Hilton Head National L3



GTP had three players from the GTP School participating in the Hilton Head National L3. Andrew Delgado in Boy’s 14’s and Andrew Broadstreet and James Delgado in Boy’s 16’s. Drew Broadstreet had an awesome tournament weekend.  Drew stated, “I was really feeling my forehand, which is a big weapon of mine. It helped me control and dictate most of the points in all my matches”. 15-year-old Broadstreet won the singles and doubles division. Pairing up with teammate James Delgado (14) in doubles. Andrew Delgado (12) lost two tight matches in the first round of the main draw and consolation.

Back home in Greensboro Amber fuller coming off a strong winter Sothern’s in 16’s was playing in Girl’s 18’s. 15-year old Amber lost a tough first round match to the 3 seed from Florida 4-6 6-3 6-4. Amber went on to win her next two matches in the back draw, eventually losing to a strong opponent from New Jersey 6-2 6-2. Amber is looking forward to a weekend off from tennis this weekend, and also is excited for Chattanooga the following week.


24 Players from GTP compete in the Southern Winter Level 1 Championships

The first Southern tournament of the New Year has concluded. With 24 players participating from our program there was a lot of action going on over the 4-day event.

The highlight of the tournament was from 15 year old Amber Fuller. Amber Fuller playing in Girl’s 16’s won 6 matches earning second place. Amber fought hard and left it all on the court, with impressive wins in the quarterfinals and semis.  In her Final’s match against the #1 seed she fell just short losing in three sets 5-7 6-1 7-5.

In the Girl’s 12’s division 12-year old Brianna Baldi the #5 seed won her first three matches which included beating the #9 seed before being defeating by the #1 seed from Gastonia, NC in the quarterfinals. Competing in Boy’s 12’s was 10 year old Van Harris who won his first match and then lost to the #9 seed in the following round 6-3 6-3.

Boy’s 14’s Andrew Delgado (12) who was the #9 seed won his first match before unfortunately having to retire in his next match to the #17 seed due to injury. Warren McWhorter (14) and Evan Wong (14) each won two main draw matches to then lose in the round of 32.  13-year old Reagan Harris playing in Girl’s 14’s had three strong wins before losing to the #4 seed in the round of 16.

Into the Girl’s 16’s division we go as Sophie Strugnell (15) one of the 9 seeds had a good run in the main draw and made it to the quarterfinals of the back draw. Sophie won 3 main draw matches and 1 back draw match and then went on to lose to another 9 seed.  Elizabeth Weidl (15) who was unseeded had a strong tournament beating a 9 and 17 seed and winning 3 main draw matches before losing to the #4 seed in the round of 16.  Emmy Brandow (15) won 2 total matches, one main and one back draw match.

The highlight of Boy’s 16’s was 14-year old Braden Shick who made it to the quarterfinals and lost to the #1 seed 6-4 6-1. Braden Shick then went on to win two more matches in the back draw of the four quarterfinalist losers and finished in 5th place. James Delgado (14) made it to the round of 16 and also lost to the #1 seed. Other players winning matches were Garrett Grewal (16), Peyton Gatti (15) and Drew Broadstreet (15), and Herny Piynan (16)

Down in Hilton Head 17 year old Carolyn Ansari had a good tournament in 18’s making it to the quarterfinals of the back draw, taking down some seeds on the way.

With a second and fifth place finish, GTP players had some awesome results. The players and coaches are looking forward to getting right back to work to be prepared for the next Southern event.

girls tournament

GTP Shows Out at Greensboro L4 at Barber Park

2018 is under way and we had eight GTP players competing in the Barber Park North Carolina Level 4 (January 8-9).girls tournament  GTP had 5 players from its 11 and under junior elite group, 2 students from the GTP school and 1 from the high school afternoon group playing in the L4.

In the Girl’s 12’s division Anjali (11) the number two seed won two matches before falling in the finals to a strong opponent, earning second place.  10 year old Victoria Mann who won her first match easily then went on to lose to Anjali in a 3rd set breaker in the semis. In Victoria’s last match she beat the number 1 seed in the tournament 7-6 7-5 to win 3rd place. Nine year Sarah Delgado who fell to the #1 seed in the first round in a tough 3rd set tiebreak went on to win her consolation match vs. GTP’s Gabriella Slovak (8).

In the girl’s 14’s division GTP had 13-year-old Natalie Van Gelder and 11-year-old Andrea Chacon were competing. Natalie had two great matches too start things off but then fell to the #3 seed and lost her 3rd/4th place match to a strong opponent from Cary in a 3rd set tiebreak. Andrea started off strong taking down the #4 seed in a 3rd set breaker. Andrea lost two competitive matches the next two rounds of the tournament.

In Boy’s 14’s 8th grader Josh Gillis who was the #1 seed went on to win the division while only dropping 4 total games in four matches. Josh demonstrated great professionalism on the court and represented GTP well.

Kyle Miller playing in the Boy’s 16’s had a good run before falling in the finals. He went on to win 2 matches before the finals and beat the #1 seed in a hard fought match pulling it out in the third set tiebreak in his semi final match.

These were all solid showings from our GTP players! We look forward to an amazing year of tennis and tournament play from our talented junior group at GTP.

Matt Oeschli

Matt Oechsli Visits the GTP School!

Our GTP School students had an inspiring visit from Matt Oechsli on November 8th, 2017. Matt Oechsli is a leading authority on financial advisor marketing and author of many successful books, including one called Mind Power for Students, which all our students received a copy of from Mr. Oechsli. Mr. Oechsli spoke to our students about the importance of setting specific goals and visualizing those goals so that they are attainable.

We are excited and very grateful that Dr. Bruce Brodie and Matt Oechsli could kick start our speaker series of inspirational and successful leaders in the Greensboro community.