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Who are we?

The Greensboro Tennis Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that runs the Greensboro Tennis Program (GTP).

What is our mission?

GTF’s mission is to provide life skills and educational opportunities to the youth of Greensboro through the promotion of tennis. We provide a high quality, low cost tennis program that is open to kids of all ages and abilities. At GTF, we never turn down a player because of an inability to pay. We are actively seeking kids from all walks of life to introduce to the game of tennis. From those who have never held a racquet, to elite players, we have something for everyone.

What do we do?

Along with our regular GTP clinics and full-time academy, we currently work with local recreation centers to bring tennis to kids who may otherwise never be exposed to the sport. We also offer free weeknight and weekend clinics to provide opportunities for these players to play more, as well as other players who may not be a part of the rec center. Kids who have a love for tennis and a commitment to improve have a direct pathway to join our many GTP clinics and eventually our full-time academy. We are working to expand our outreach programs to more kids in more locations. In 2017 so far, we have awarded over $80,000 in scholarship funds.

How can you help?

With the expansion of our outreach and GTP academy, more scholarship funds will be needed to help more kids reach their goal. That means…we need your help!

1. Volunteer – we love love love to have volunteers helping in our program. E-mail us if you’re interested in helping out.

2. Donate – every dollar counts! You can use the “Donate Now” button on this screen to contribute to GTF.

3. Support us through Amazon Smile! We are an Amazon Smile charity. See the information below to find out how that works.